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The Magic Of Nature


Excerpt from "Animal Speaks" by Ted Andrews - Why it is important to understand Nature

"I know Nature speaks to us if we listen. Every animal has a story to tell. Every flower blossoms with reminders, to be creative, and every tree whispers with its rustling leaves the secrets of life.

The more I understand it, the more I understand myself.

What science uncovers about Nature should amaze us and fill us with even greater wonder at the magnificent expression of life in all its varied forms. It should teach us how intricately every aspect of Nature is woven into our own existences.

When we learn to speak with the animals, to listen with animal ears and to see through animals eyes, we experience the phenomena, the power, and the potential of the human essence. They become our teachers, our friends, and our companions. They restore our forgotten childlike wonder at the world, and they reawaken our list belief in magic, dreams and possibilities."


Chapel of Nature Intro

What We're Creating!

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Organizing Team Celebrating Nature

Right to Left: Renowned Architect of Swaback Partners in Scottsdale, AZ, Vernon Swaback,  became Frank Lloyd Wright's protege in his teens, then headed Taliesin West for many years; Barbara Kennedy, Admin. Director; Suzanne "Suzy" Farrow, Creator and Executive Director; Barbara Dufault, Promotions Director; Pao Cagnina, Mr. Swaback's protege. Others a part of this  Project, but not shown here are Clifford Paul, Structural Engineer; Mike Dufault, Construction Management and Paul and Priscilla Oebel, Media Productions.


What We Are Creating

"The more you know and value Nature, the more you know and value yourself and all Life," Suzy Farrow, the visionary creator of this Project. We are in the process of designing and planning The Chapel & Pavilion of Nature Campus that will serve as an educational institute to share with visitors of all ages the value and importance of all that Nature provides us, and our scientific and spiritual connections to it. Suzanne Farrow and the 2 Barb's are working with Vernon and his protege, Pao Cagnina, at Swaback Partners Planning and Design Room in Scottsdale Arizona.


The Knoll Where We Want The Chapel & Pavilion of Nature To Be Built

The location to build The Chapel & Pavilion of Nature Campus is on a pine grove knoll in Cambria, California overlooking the expansive beautiful Pacific Ocean, and on the way to Hearst Castle. The Chapel of Nature is being designed to inspire reverence for Nature in architectural splendor as only Frank Lloyd Wright and Vernon Swaback create; The Pavilion will display in magnificent light and sound exquisite scientific and spiritual Exhibits by select professional experts in their fields of valuing Nature for the benefit of all human's, animal's and Earth's precious resources, and offer programs to enrich the higher realms of the human mind and spirit. It is to be a place of both reverence and celebration of all that life shares in unity.


Your generous gift will help us in our large fund raising goals to have renowned architect Vernon Swaback design and layout The Chapel & Pavilion of Nature Campus so that we may then begin the Build Out of Phase 2 so that this amazing educational mission can come to fruition to benefit many. Earth and Nature need all our help! On this Campus we will share the latest  leading edge "Earth Friendly" methods of growing the healthiest foods to feed the world; producing the purest water that Mother Nature creates, using universal non-polluting energy to propel our human activities, and so much we can all be happier and healthier...while protecting Nature's finite resources. Visitors of all ages will be welcome to attend our exciting Healthy Earth - Healthy Plants - Healthy Animals - Healthy People Programs!

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Aligning Our Human Activities With Nature

Producing Primary Water

Increasing Nascent Oxygen

Increasing Nascent Oxygen


Nature created pure and clean waters to support healthy living on Earth...yet most our water sources have become dirty, polluted, and many humans and creatures are struggling with sub-health conditions. You can greatly help us through your contributions to The Chapel Of Nature Foundation on this fundraising website.

Increasing Nascent Oxygen

Increasing Nascent Oxygen

Increasing Nascent Oxygen


Nature created lush forests producing life-giving oxygen to sustain healthy living...yet so many have been plowed down, creating industries and wastelands producing unwanted carbon dioxide and low to no oxygen. 

Purifying Our Air

Increasing Nascent Oxygen

Healthier Sea Animals


Nature created for us beautiful life enriching blue skies...yet much of our earth has become gray and toxic from multiple sources of pollution, hurting the health and enjoyment of all life forms – all humans – and all of Nature’s creations.

Healthier Sea Animals

Healthier Creatures of Flight

Healthier Sea Animals


Our wildlife deserve healthy homes

to thrive and play their part in the intricate, exquisite Web of Life 

Healthier Land Animals

Healthier Creatures of Flight

Healthier Creatures of Flight


Our wildlife deserve protection

from insensitive development so they feel safe to be their natural gentle and peaceful selves

Healthier Creatures of Flight

Healthier Creatures of Flight

Healthier Creatures of Flight


All of Nature’s Creations deserve 

a clean, healthy and safe home to flourish!


What A Wonderful World - Video

"What A Wonderful World This Could Be" by Jackie Evancho

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