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Suzanne Farrow - Executive


Executive Director and Inspirational Creative Visionary of this Project, Suzanne “Suzy” Farrow loves to create specialty niche companies that enhance consumers’ lives. For over forty years, Suzy has built her strong business expertise through the development of a nationwide sportswear clothing corporation, a Kona Coffee plantation and a children’s book publishing company. She brings her creative visions, and her catalytic energy drive of persistent action because she so fervently recognizes the great need to raise human understanding of just how crucial and valuable is Nature for all life. 

Barbara Dufault - Promotions


  Barbara Dufault infuses this Project with her God inspired words of encouragement and praise fueled by her compassionate heart, and her astute business and financial mind that seeks to see how best to improve humanity’s well-being and to aid Mother Earth. Through the years, “Barb” has excelled in education, business in the medical equipment field, insurance “Living Benefits,” and leading edge natural health programs. Barb is deeply passionate about sharing the importance of valuing Nature and all life with respect so generations to come will have the same privilege of enjoying its beauties and bounties.

Barbara Kennedy - Administration


Barbara Kennedy provides underlying organization discernment, support and guidance for the overall Project’s mission to elevate humanity’s awareness of its potential through self-improvement of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual essentials that create good health because when humans are healthier, they are happier and more successful in life. Through the years as an entrepreneur, Barbara has been involved in the creation and overall management of two long term business involvements over three decades. She is an author in the natural health field, and a beautiful music lover-songwriter at heart.

When You Wish Upon A Star - Video

The exquisite voice of Julie Andrews!

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