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The Chapel of Nature Foundation Introduces Its Magical Project

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LOVE NATURE! Educational Programs For Youth

"As a child, Nature was my world. Nature's wonders fascinated me with curiosity - all the different plants and animals, the oceans, the skies! The Youth Programs will enliven their desire to explore life in deeper ways. To see our Earth, The Flora & Fauna and the Heavens "with new eyes of appreciation" through deeper understandings of the intricate workings going on within the world of Nature." Suzy Farrow, Chapel Project Visionary-Creator

Youth organizations, schools and churches will have the opportunity to become involved with the specially arranged programs and camping experiences for youngsters, including an Ambassador Program enjoying the National Parks.


LOVE NATURE! Educational Programs for Adults

These Programs will be conducted by leading edge professionals in their fields of expertise to delve deeply into the actual inner world creations of gemstones, pure water made inside Mother Earth, the essences of micro-greens that can feed the world, non-polluting, non-depleting energy sources, the vibrant and "alive" sources of natural fibers used for the clothes we love to wear!

Spreading the good news and heightening our everyday awareness to what is actually going on right now in extraordinary activities to make our lives healthier and happier...this is our mission!  


LOVE NATURE! Training Programs

We have plans to offer training and certification programs that are valuable to supporting Nature and Earth-Friendly, Human-Friendly, and Animal-Friendly efforts and activities. It is our dream that all these will expand the field of awareness throughout the world to make it a much more peaceful place to call Home. Thank you for your interest in our Chapel Of Nature Foundation's fundraising website.

Help Us Build Our Dream To Help Nature and humanity

Your contributions this Year  2018 will enable us have Vernon Swaback create the architectural design of The Chapel & Pavilion of Nature and complete layout of the Campus. Your generous donation will fund this year's mission to accomplish Phase 1 of this amazing and exciting Mission!

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Bless The Beasts and The Children - Video

"Bless the Beasts and The Children," sung by Karen Carpenter at age 21

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