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This Intro Video #1 to The Chapel of Nature Project explains how it came to be. Over 100 years ago the seed was planted through renowned Architect and Nature Lover - Frank Lloyd Wright - who passed the bright torch to his Protege - the now also renowned Architect, Vernon Swaback. The Spirit of these two men's love of Nature, expressed through their astoundingly beautiful architectural works of art, has inspired millions to also love and appreciate Nature.

Intro Video #2

In this interview, Suzanne Farrow, the conceptual creator of The Chapel & Pavilion of Nature Project, shares how this incredible project came about.

Our Development Stages


Phase 1: Site Acquisition & Development Plans

Secure $5 million to purchase the site of 126 acre Campus in Cambria, CA (3.5 miles from Hearst Castle); have Swaback Partners’ Architectural firm layout and design the entire Chapel Campus' Development Promotional Fund Raising Book, along with the complete design of The Chapel, The Pavilion and complete Campus. 


Phase 2: The Build Out

Secure funds to build The Chapel & Pavilion Of Nature Campus to include: the Chapel of Nature; the Pavilion of Nature; the Gift Shop & Cafeteria; Patio & Bridge over stream; Administration Office; Guest Cabins (2); Maintenance Barn; Entrance, roads, parking lots and infra-structure. Cost to be determined by Swaback Partners’, P. K. Associates Engineering firm (Cliff Paul) and Construction Company (Mike Dufault, Project Manager). Your contributions through this fundraising website will help us Build The Chapel Of Nature, and be greatly appreciated.


Phase 3: Lights, Camera, Action!

The Beginning Of A New Day!

Dedication Ceremony and Program “start-up” with special guest entertainers and speakers and Press Party (to include Tour Bus Company Representatives, AAA Travel Company, Youth Organization 

Programs put into action!

Intro Video #3 - Year 1 Promotions

Barb Kennedy interviews Promotions Director, Barb Dufault as she shares her visions of what The Chapel will give to visitors and this 2018 Year 1 Goals of Fund Raising!

Help Us Build The Chapel Of Nature On This Fundraising Website!

Your generous contributions this Year 2018 play an important part in helping us fund the full architectural and campus designs and layout by renowned architect Vernon Swaback. Then we will enter Phase 2 of the actual Build Out of The Chapel & Pavilion Campus! Our mission is to educate visitors and participants to the importance and value of the wondrous gifts Nature provides us. For these abundant gifts that makes Life possible, it is now time, more than ever, for more of humanity of all ages to learn how to better respect and care for our Mother Earth. And children's Earth-Friendly programs will be a top priority at the Campus since we want them to learn how to best protect Nature's beauty and bounties for our future generations.

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The Circle of Life - Video

From movie "The Lion King"

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